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Some poetry on the road


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Great Day Today (Song for Heaven) It’s a great day today I didn’t do the dishes I didn’t call my parents And didn’t write my ex Rage, drag and drop Drop those senses It’s a great day today I did send Him a letter It is not so difficult I just mailed it to heaven …

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He’s lazy, he’s dirty, he stinks, he looks a bit silly and drinks a pint on a bench in a park. She’s pretty, she’s crummy, she’s soft so even Rubens would have thought, she goes and sits near him and smiles. He spits and blows on a Cuban cigar he shoves his hand in his …

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In these corridors of confidence rumble and romble the sounds of small revolutions roosted like you’re in an oversized barbecue crisping voices ready to go, for the magic of light hypnotised, streaming through narrow courses with only a room, a view and a lake round and round – like those ideas- foggy in the morning …

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